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21-22 December 2014

Venue: ***** Hotel Le Meridien Wien, Opernring 13, 10 10 Vienna, Austria




Politics makes our daily lives whether we are aware of it, or not. From social policies (e.g. financial help during unemployment, health insurance, etc.) that directly affect our wellbeing towards political decisions on foreign interventions and alliances, politics forms our daily lives. On the other hand, the notion of political does not stop in the realm of policymaking but also reflects in statements politicians make as well as in their party programmes. Because of the economic crisis, the Far Right re-gained power in many countries, but the Far Left also became more exposed in the public sphere offering criticism of current policies. Both Far Right and Far Left offer particular set of values and it seems as if central political positions are diminishing because people are turning towards finding the scapegoat by blaming those they consider as responsible for the crisis be it the so-called neo-liberal policies or immigrants. Religion has seemed to grow as strong as ever, and this also brings tensions because immigrants are often considered to be more religious than the hosts and religion is seen as too influential in policy making (i.e. in organizing referendums that enforce religiously-conditioned views, or by directly participating in ruling the country in certain countries). All of this changes our everyday lives and brings uneasy tensions in already turbulent relations. It also brings questions on political culture, which apparently varies from case to case. However, to what extent are we different, and how politics shapes our everyday lives?


Papers are invited (but not limited to) for the following panels:


Far Right: growth and current policies

Far Left and the opposition to current policies

Anti-Semitism: Far Right and Far Left

Social policies and everyday lives in the present world

Social resistance movements

Politics: theory and praxis

Political culture: theory and praxis

Political culture: case studies

Corruption and anti-corruption policies

Current issues in European and global politics, and the place of social sciences and humanities in understanding ongoing events

Media and representation of politics

Global crisis and its reflection on everyday lives

Religion, politics and political culture


Prospective participants are also welcome to submit proposals for their own panels.

Submissions of abstracts (up to 500 words), and email contact should be sent to Dr Martina Topić ( by 20 November 2014.


The Centre established a peer review journal, and a working paper series. Conference papers will be considered.


We welcome paper proposals from scholars, NGO activists, Master and PhD students, and independent researchers.


Conference fee is EUR 290, and it includes


The registration fee

Conference bag and folder with materials

Conference publication

Access to the newsletter, and electronic editions of the Centre

Opportunity for participating in future activities of the Centre (research & co-editing volumes)

Discount towards participation fee for future conferences

Meals during both days of the conference

WLAN during the conference

Certificate of attendance


Centre for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences is a private institution founded in December 2013 in Croatia (EU).

We selected Austria as a place for hosting conferences due to Austria’s favourable geographic position, and liberal Visa regime for conference participants with EU Visa requirements.


Unfortunately, the Centre has no available funds for covering transport and accommodation in Austria. Participants are responsible for finding funding to cover transportation and accommodation costs during the whole period of the conference.


The Centre will not discriminate based on the origin and/or methodolo gical/paradigmatic approach of prospective conference participants.





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International Conference 'Rethinking Politics and Politicalculture in Everyday Lives'


21-22. 12. 2014.


Venue: ***** Hotel Le Meridien Wien, Opernring 13, 10 10 Vienna, Austria