Love and Relationships in the Media

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Centre for Research in Social sciences and Humanities

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Venue: ***** Hotel Le Meridien Wien, Opernring 13, 10 10 Vienna, Austria


CFP for Panel ‘Love and Relationships in the Media’


Contemporary media often include content on love and relationships; however, it is difficult to determine how media see love and relationships. In that, media sometimes show love and relationships in a way that makes it difficult to determine where love stops, and erotica and pornography begin. Violence in relationships, as well as loneliness and impossibility to find an appropriate person seem to dominate media content. Media also significantly engage into famous break ups that are often subject of extensive media content where intimacy of the couple that is separating is being exposed to local or global audiences. Nonetheless, TV shows such as Ally McBeal introduced the concept of ‘quirkyalone’ that seems to dominate the media content when it comes to relationships. To what extent are these messages true representatives of the reality? Are we truly turning towards being ‘quirkyalone’ whether by our own choices or because of the situation? What is the role of the media in creating expected roles in relationships and defining love?


Papers are invited (but not limited to) for the following topics:


Representation of love in the media

Representation of relationships in the media

Violence and relationships in the media

Loneliness in the media

Quirkyalone concept in the media

Breaking up in the media

Intimacy in the media

TV shows and representation of love and relationships

Pornography and erotica in the media

Love and relationships in Western versus Middle Eastern media

Male and female roles in relationships portrayal in the media


Paper proposals should be sent to by 5th May 2014.

Conference will take place between 30th and 31st May 2014 in Vienna, Austria.


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