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Dance has throughout history contributed to the creation of cultural identities, however, it has also contributed towards its preservation. In that, dance is sometimes considered as having an ethnic component that preserves ethnic identities through culture. In Judaism, dance has always had a significant position because Jews have always expressed joy through dancing, and modern State of Israel placed special emphasis on development of dance and Hebrew culture (Rottenberg, 2013; Roginsky 2007; Maoz 2000). However, what is the relation between dance and preservation of Jewish identities outside of Israel? Has dance contributed towards preservation of Jewish identities, and how? What is the role (if any) of Israeli dances in preservation of Jewish identities and development of dances among Jewish communities outside of Israel?


Papers are invited (but not limited to) for the following themes:


Jewish dances in Europe: Askhenazi vs Sephardic

Jewish dances before and after the Holocaust

Jewish dances during Communism

Jewish dances in the US and the UK

Israeli dances in Europe, and its relation with preservation of Jewish identities outside of Israel


Papers should explore Jewish dances in regard to identity creation/preservation process, i.e. each chapter should address the following question: how has dance contributed towards creation/preservation of Jewish identity and/or how has particular dance contributed towards identity creation/preservation process. Both general contributions and case studies are welcome.


Abstracts should be sent to by 15 March 2015.

Decisions will be sent by 1 April 2015, and full texts are due on 1 September 2015.


Due to previous experiences, I will look for publisher after I complete a first draft manuscript. Acceptance of abstract does not automatically guarantee acceptance of the final manuscript.


About the editor


Martina Topić holds PhD in Sociology (University of Zagreb, 2013), Postgraduate diploma in Media and Globalization (City University London, 2007), Master degree in Journalism (University of Zagreb, 2003) and Master degree in Political science (University of Zagreb, 2003). She has worked as a journalist for print media in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy (2003-2009). From 2007 to 2013 she has worked as a research fellow at the University of Zagreb. She has also worked on two large international projects, UNESCO Media development (2007-2008) and FP7 Identities and Modernities in Europe (2009-2012). In December 2013, she has co-founded Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities where she has also co-founded Journal of Culture and Religion and Working Paper Series in Religion and Culture. Since July 2014, she also works at the Leeds Beckett University, Faculty of Business and Law, School of Strategy, Marketing and Communication. She published in fields of identity, religion, nationalism, journalism and media, cultural studies, and Jewish studies. Her edited books include Cultural diplomacy and Cultural imperialism: European perspective(s) (Peter Lang, 2012, with S. Rodin), Europe as a Multiple Modernity: Multiplicity of Religious Identities and Belonging (CSP, 2013, with S. Sremac), Religion in post-Yugoslav political sphere (forthcoming with Purdue University Press, with B. Radeljić), and Religion and Ethnicity in post-Communist Europe (in preparation, with S. Gherghina). She is currently editing a special volume of journal Israel Affairs on dance in Israel (forthcoming in 2015), and she has several papers on dance in the p rocess of publication.





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